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Twilight Inspired Moonstone, Turquoise & More Rings

Bella's Twilight Inspired Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Sterling Silver Adjustable Band- Sold Out


Imperfect ring sale. The metal bands are all handmade, and so you are receiving a ring that is on clearance due to flaws with the bands. The stone may be a little off center, the band may not be perfectly circle, or may have some rough spots in the silver.

**About the Rainbow Moonstone:
The stone is a smooth 10mm natural moonstone gem. Each stone is one of a kind, I am out of the very full tall stones.

This is a natural gemstone and each is a one of a kind. There may be little cloudy marks inside, crack like striations or little black specks under the surface. These are all natural and part of the gemstone.

Moonstone has a translucent white color with a white "moon" that rolls over the stone when rotated, and it has a lovely luminescence when the sun hits it. Rainbow moonstone has lovely striations throughout that tends to flash hues of blue and other colors in the light.

***About the Adjustable Band:

The stone is hand set in a .925 sterling silver y band. The band is adjustable though I only have smalls left. Not recommended for fingers over a size 7.

A large percentage of the proceeds from the materials of this ring have gone to the aid of rescued shelter animals.

Alice Cullen Inspired Turquoise Silver Filigree Ring


This stylish ring marries the modernly vintage fashion with a little touch of Native American beauty. Alice Cullen wears a similar styled ring in the Twilight saga movies and though this is a classic styled ring, she brings a modern romance to it.

A lovely marbled vintage 1950's West German glass cab has a lovely mottled turquoise appearance and is set in a silver toned lace edged setting and affixed to a gorgeous silver toned filigree setting. Wonderful Victorian style with a modern twist.

The ring is very sturdy and adjustable for most everyone! Fits larger fingers and pointer fingers best.

*shown with matching turquoise Bella inspired bangle bracelet, not included in this sale


Compass Ring

This is my most popular ring! A sweet little plastic and metal toy compass is attached to a silver tone adjustable ring base, so it fits many sizes. So if you are looking for a high quality ring, this isn't it! This ring is for the fun, kitsch novelty side that dwells within many of us. And because it is a novelty toy with a paper insert, please do get wet.

This compass reminds me of Bella when she so desperately tried to find her and Edward's meadow to relive his voice in the Twilight series!!

One side of the needle is silver and the other is blue. I wouldn't obviously use this compass as a hiking guide, but the needle does move and that is what makes this ring so special.

Compass measures .75" in diameter.

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